Symmetry: The World’s Most Luxurious Yacht

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Symmetry: The World’s Most
Luxurious Yacht

Forget about the weather.  Forget about your troubles.  Consider a life of in the lap of luxury.  Consider…Symmetry!

Designed by Netherlands-born and based custom-designer Sander J. Sinot of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, comes the latest in luxury concept yachts.  Originally premiered at 2015’s Monaco Yacht Show in September, this stunning, grand, super yacht has been designed to be the absolute epitome of opulence.

Symmetry Main 2

This lavish concept yacht stands at a massive 590 feet in length and sport 6 decks of perfection.  It also has space for 34 guests and boasts features including an infinity pool, a private spa and a home cinema.  It was designed not necessarily as a toy of extravagance, but rather as a permanent home for someone who may simply want to sail anywhere in the world on a whim.

The unique layout transcends traditional boundaries in yacht design. According to Sinot, the strikingly spacious, well-balanced and symmetrical build of the yacht is a showcase for the future of mega-yacht designs.

Each of the 6 decks have a specific function and character – The Beach Deck has a mid-ship beach lounge where guests can relax beside a seawater pool and jacuzzi. The Guest Deck has a spectacular mid-ship pool with a glass bottom. The Hotel Deck contains multiple spacious VIP rooms with en-suite lounges and balconies, including dining areas, lounges, bars, garden, gym and an exterior pool. The Wheelhouse Deck has dual steering arrangements to accommodate bi-directional maneuverability.

Additional decks include a kids’ playroom, an office, library, sky lounge and an exterior deck with lounge seats.

Symmetry was named the most developed, detailed and designed concept yacht presented at the Monaco Yacht Show. According to Sinot, “Symmetry reflects a genuine owner-centred philosophy of the yacht as a custom-designed private estate, moving freely over the world’s oceans, offering an abundance of space to welcome beloved ones to indulge, work, play and enjoy life.”

Take a look for yourself and see why Symmetry will be a game changer on the open seas.




Symmetry - Master bedroom
Master Suite


Symmetry - Guest suite
Guest Suite


Symmetry office


Symmetry gym
Exercise Spa


Symmetry sea water pool
Facility extends from mid-yacht to create a sea water swimming hole


Symmetry - Infinity pool
Infinity Pool


Symmetry stern side
Symmetry – the world’s most luxurious yacht





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Mr. BD
Mr. BD

Man this is beautiful. Too bad I can never afford it.

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