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Shiftwear Shoes
ShiftWear Shoes

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ShiftWear Shoes
Change With Your Mood

Have you ever been indecisive about which shoes to wear?  Have you ever wished you could design your own shoe?  Well soon you may be able to change shoe designs in the middle of your evening with technology from the new ShiftWear shoe.

ShiftWear is the latest Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a new type of shoe that will magically change design via a simple click on your iPhone.

Shiftwear style


How much do you spend each month to keep your sneakers looking fresh? With every new outfit, every color scheme, every change of venue, you’re back at the sneaker store to touch up your look with those perfect kicks. Chalk it up to the cost of looking good, as you put more money into the pockets of sneaker manufacturers who get to dictate what you wear next.

Simply use a mobile app to program a new design onto your shoe, or connect to a marketplace of designs by artists from all across the world.  Purchase their design right from the app and it’ll show up on your shoes in seconds.

The company says that “Unlike shopping for traditional shoes, you know that any custom design you pick out will fit just right.”

ShiftWear sneakers will be waterproof, which means you can machine-wash them. Their soles will be coated with Kevlar Fibers, to resist the normal wear and tear of traditional sneakers.  Also, the flexible electronics in the shoes will charge either wirelessly or with every step you take.

The creators of Shiftwear say they are “a team of entrepreneurs, futurists and engineers who dream of disrupting the fashion and technology industries. We have great ideas and determined to push ahead on our goal to make these sneakers a reality. Everyone loves to look a certain way and we want to put this power back into your hands. We will do everything in our power to bring you the coolest sneakers ever! While we love to innovate and push the boundaries, we are really annoying perfectionists who will not sacrifice on quality.”

Shiftwear designs

ShiftWear shoes will be available in high, medium and low tops.  In addition to HD-quality images right on the display area of the sneaker, ShiftWear will also display animations. For any static design, the sneaker will consume no power and your design will stay the way you set it until you change it.

Check it all out HERE or watch the video below.






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ShiftWear shoes that will change design via a mobile app.


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