Nature Documentaries Are Fierce… And Fake!

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Nature documentaries: Real or Fake?

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Nature Documentaries
Are Fierce… And Fake!

Surprise! Those documentaries of lions, bears, and alligators you love to watch on cable aren’t always as real as you think. The sound effects, the storylines, and even the action are often a studio-produced dramatic license created for your entertainment pleasure.

For example, a filmmaker can easily zoom in with a camera to capture a grasshopper jumping from one tree branch to another. However, the microphones can’t zoom in to capture the sound of those tiny insect legs landing on a leaf. So, they simply make up the sound in the editing room to make the scene more realistic.

Filmmakers are also not always present to capture a fight between 2 kangaroos.  So they manipulate hours of footage to build up a dramatic stand-off that never happened in real life, but plays extremely well once it’s broadcast in the finished product.

Take a look at this interesting, “behind-the-scenes” look at the making of nature documentaries.





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Surprise! Nature docs are usually fake.


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Junior Member
Hmm…… Yes. I have to admit, I've long suspected that *at times* at least SOME of what was presented in wild-life documentaries were actually "staged" events. But now I'm thinking those staged events probably occur much more frequently than even I had thought. And that's just a sad commentary on that field of work. But the truth is, it's also a sad commentary on who We are as a people…..as a nation. Just look at the current predicament We find ourselves in – stuck with a narcissistic, serial lying, FAKE alpha dog, who STAGED a presidential campaigned and provided such Over-the-top ENTERTAINMENT for the the masses (w/ tons of FREE media because he was "GOOD for business") that he got himself elected to the highest office in the land and the most powerful position in the world. President of The United States. His campaign was nothing more than Theater. Some… Read more »
Junior Member
….and speaking of "Theater" (DJ I hope you don't mind me sharing this) "Trump's Executive Orders Are Mostly Theater" The president knows how to stage a photo op, but so far his signature hasn't changed much. President Trump signed his first executive order on his first day in the White House, taking aim at his predecessor’s signature achievement. “Trump Signs Executive Order to Roll Back Obamacare,” Forbes reported. He’s gone on to sign more executive orders in his first 100 days than any president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his aides, his critics, and the media alike have portrayed them as dramatic assaults on the status quo. “Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Regulations,” the New York Times declared after one. “Trump Executive Order Will Undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan,” USA Today reported after another. But 99 days into his presidency, Trump’s high-profile orders have not actually undone Obama’s… Read more »
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