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Jon Stewart Leaves ‘The Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart Leaves ‘The Daily Show’

After 16 years as host of Comedy Central’s iconic “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart bid his final farewell to the popular show last night, with a send-off fit for a comedy king.

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All of the correspondents from Jon’s years anchoring the “fake news,” returned to pay tribute to the man who gave them a job and made many of them stars.  Lewis Black, Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Michael Che, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Mo Rocca, Steve Carell, John Oliver and even Stephen Colbert joined at least a dozen other former and current performers for Jon Stewart’s final show.  Then Jon gave us his final moment of zen — a surprise performance from “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen.  It was a memorable night.

Jon Stewart w Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart was the highest-paid late night host on television, making an estimated $25–30 million per year. His exit will now pave way for new host Trevor Noah in September, a virtual unknown comedian from South Africa who was previously a role player on the show before being promoted to host.


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Jon Stewart says goodbye to “The Daily Show.”


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Frankly, I'm thinking – Jon Stewart IS "The Daily Show" so much so that it probably would've been better to end the show altogether and give the new kid, Trevor Noah, a brand new show to try and make his ow.n rather than stepping into Jon's shoes, which seems to me to be such an Enormous challenge. I mean…really….given the sheer genius-level talent of what Jon Stewart brought to the table via The Daily Show, for 16 years – without question the man WILL be missed. I'm not a regular tv watcher. But I whenever I've watched The Daily Show over the years I was NEVER disappointed. Mostly through satire, the ways in which he pointed out the OBVIOUS ignorances, biases, insanities, and hypocrisies of the news media and politicians, in particular…is simply a thing of beauty! And I always feel just a little smarter after having watched his show….lol… Read more »
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