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Kim Davis Out Of Jail; GOP Moves In

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Kim Davis Out Of Jail; GOP Moves In


Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who was ordered to jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, was released on Tuesday.  As evident from the video, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was quick to use Davis for his own political aspirations.  Also, it’s clear Huckabee and others are laying the groundwork to turn this into a “war on Christianity” issue.  If successful, it could set up Kim Davis as a martyr who stood up for her faith, instead of as a law-breaker who refused to do the duties of her elected position, which clearly has nothing to do with Christianity.


Kim Davis released from jail


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DJ you left out an important bit of information. Hope you don't mind if I include it? Judge Bunning let Davis out of jail under the condition that she NOT interfere with the duties of the 5 of 6 deputies (one is her son) who ARE in fact issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Terkel & Bobic: Asked by reporters on Tuesday whether Davis will comply with this condition, Mathew Staver (her lawyer) said only that she "cannot and will not violate her conscience." [….] Clever answer since Davis and her lawyer know darn well that she does NOT have to "violate her conscience." She simply has to obey the Judge's warning NOT to interfere with the deputy clerks in carrying out their job duties. As to what all this could mean for the Repubs? As DJ noted, Huckabee seized the opportunity yesterday to exploit Davis and the situation for… Read more »
Mr. BD
Mr. BD

Yes Truth I can't wait to see if she follows orders and doesn't interfere. Because if not she's going right back to jail. It's also too bad Huckabee and Cruz are trying to start a religious war and making it about her being a Christian instead of her holding onto a government job but not following the law. That video of her crying with everybody cheering and waving crosses that Huckabee obviously gave out is sickening. And we wonder why the country is so divided.


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