Violence, Death Threats Haunt 2016 Election

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Violence, death threats in 2016 election.
Violence, death threats in 2016 election.

Politics –
Violence, Death Threats
Haunt 2016 Election

The 2016 presidential election has taken a dangerous turn, amid threats of violence, death, and promises to “take her out” if Hillary Clinton wins.

The threats began last month when the conservative Arizona Republic broke tradition for the first time in its 126 year history by endorsing a Democrat for president. Soon after, the paper started receiving a number of violent threats condemning its endorsement.

An anonymous caller referenced Republic reporter Don Bolles, who was assassinated by a car bomb in 1976.  The caller then “threatened that more of our reporters would be blown up because of the endorsement,” Republic Media president Mi-Ai Parrish said.

“We’re being targeted … it’s not the America I know. It’s not the democracy I love,” Parrish said on Sunday. “I absolutely welcome debate and free expression, and I will protect and uphold the right of people to say ugly things to me. That’s part of how this works,” Parrish said, adding that these types of threats are “incredibly dangerous.”

A similar threat was launched against Hillary Clinton, by a Donald Trump supporter who has taken claims of a rigged election a bit too seriously.

Dan Bowman of Ohio openly told reporters at a recent Trump rally that Hillary Clinton needs to be “taken out.” He added “If she gets in the government, I’ll do everything in my power to keep her out of power. If I have to be a patriot, then I will.”

When the reporter asked the man what he means exactly, Bowman said: “Take it any way you wanna take it.”

If that wasn’t enough, an elected police official has also taken to inciting violence regarding the upcoming election.

Posting a threatening Tweet over the weekend, Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. of Milwaukee repeated his words to a group of Trump supporters on Monday.

“Like I said and I’ll continue to say, it is Pitchfork and Torches time in America,” Clarke said.

The presidential election will soon come and go, however, it seems the stench of hard feelings will linger for months or years to come. If Donald Trump loses (as expected), prepare yourself for an uproar of violence from his salty minions and misfits.


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Being mindful that it only takes one headcase with a weapon to cause all manner of horrific harm/damage, I am prayerful that most of Trump's supporters….though perhaps not too bright…are NOT of a violent nature.

Unfortunately, we won't know until after the election.

Mr. BD
Mr. BD

When I heard that guy say yesterday he wants to take Hillary Clinton out if she wins, that made me nervous. It sets a tone that if you don't get things your way, take whatever measures you want to get your way. That is not democracy and this is Trumps fault for stirring these people up the past year. I'm sure there is going to be some so called patriots who are going to do some crazy things when Trump loses.

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