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Black Clergy Endorses Donald Trump???

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Black clergy meets Trump

Current Events –
Black Clergy Endorses Donald Trump???

It was billed as a meeting between 100 black clergy members and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Interestingly, several pastors emerged from the meeting at Trump Tower offering the GOP frontrunner their endorsement. HUH???

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Trump was all smiles as he concluded the more than 2-hour meeting on Monday morning, saying it went “very well,” while boasting “I’ve had many endorsements today.” Various ministers also emerged vocalizing their support of the billionaire mogul.

Naturally, their actions beg the question: exactly how large of a check did Trump write to these ministers???

The event was billed as a meeting between Donald Trump and 100 influential black clergy members. However, several ministers named on the flyer claimed false advertising, saying they never planned to attend any meeting with Mr. Trump.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rev. Corletta J. Vaughn, senior pastor at the Holy Spirit Cathedral of Faith in Detroit said. “That would kill me. My constituency would murder me. There is no way in the world I can do that.”

Despite failing in the 11th hour to assemble 100 black clergy members, Trump was still able to proceed with a smaller group that was eager to have found a kindred spirit in the controversial candidate.

Black clergy Rev Darrell Scott
Rev. Dr. Darrell Scott

The meeting was conducted with the Coalition of African-American Ministers, black clergy from across the country connected to one another through the South Carolina Christian broadcaster, the NOW Television Network. Nearly all who attended are polarizing figures in their own right, included Omarosa Manigault, a former contestant on Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice,” as well as Harlem-based Pastor James David Manning, best known for his anti-gay sentiment and harsh criticism of President Obama.

After the meeting, Dr. Darrell Scott, Pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was quick to offer his endorsement.

“I didn’t have concerns [with Trump] because I was already convinced, but there were concerns that the liberal media has put out portraying Mr. Trump in a light that I know he’s not the type of person he was depicted to be. So what we were able to do today was allow to see his heart for themselves and to make up their own minds about him.  And they find out that he’s not the person that the media has depicted him to be.”

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Pastor Manning, who once said “Cursed be thou with cancer, HIV, syphilis, stroke and madness,” also took his endorsement to the spotlight. “Mr. Trump realizes why black people are going to vote for him,” Manning said. “He is truthful – forget about him not being politically correct. He loves America, I believe that he does.”

Black clergy meeting

Understandably, not everyone was ecstatic to see black clergy members getting into bed with Donald Trump.

“It appears as if he’s a possible racist based upon some of the things he said about black America,” said Brehon Hall, a preacher from Toledo, Ohio.

“Let us not forget,” said Rev. Al Sharpton from the pulpit of his National Action Network, “Jesus was a refugee, and they are meeting with someone who has taken a mean stance against refugees. I don’t know how you preach Jesus, a refugee, on Sunday and then deal with a refugee-basher on Monday without raising the question.”

Recently, Donald Trump was asked by the media how he might capture African-American support, to which Trump responded, “I have a plan.” That plan has now materialized.

Trump has almost certainly written checks to various black clergy members, in order to buy their support. These pastors will then be charged with standing in front of their congregations and offering a few Sunday morning “commercials” on why Donald Trump is the best choice for black America.  Ahh, the power of the almighty dollar.

It’s one of the oldest political ploys in the book and sadly, a bunch of black clergy members have fallen for it!



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Black clergy members meet and endorse Donald Trump.


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Mr. BD
Mr. BD

Naturally, their actions beg the question: exactly how large of a check did Trump write to these ministers???

LOL You hit it right on the head with this one DJ. Trump paid up and now these black clowns acted like puppets to do whatever he say. As for there being 100 clergy I think I only saw four in the video so that whole thing was a failure from jump.

On a related note (and predictably so)….. "The Donald" ain't too pleased with CNN's coverage of his latest sham so he's taken to issuing idle threats…AGAIN. Politico: "Trump threatens to boycott CNN debate, demands $5 million" Donald Trump on Monday night threatened to boycott the next Republican debate unless hosting network CNN donated $5 million to a charity. "How about I tell CNN, who doesn’t treat me properly I’m not gonna do the next debate, okay,” Trump said at a rally in Georgia. “How about we do this for CNN: I won’t do the debate unless they pay me five million dollars, all of which money goes to the Wounded Warriors or goes to vets?” Mr. Trump told his audience at the rally, according to CBS News, that the network was treating him unfairly, over its coverage of his meeting with black pastors earlier in the day. He then queried… Read more »

You know……(exhaling)….

From jump, when news of the supposed endorsements of "100 Black pastors" was initially peddled by Trump and his cronies, I knew. (and most Black-Americans knew) that it was utter BS.

I knew Trump would probably get "lip" support from a few, very few, Black preachers ..those of his ilk anyway. So that was no surprise.

And predictably….at the end of the day the meeting yielded absolutely Nothing of actual substance.

Which describes Trump to a tee.


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