TSA Checkpoint Gets An Update

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TSA Qylatron

TSA Checkpoint Gets An Update

Do you hate going through the TSA checkpoint while traveling? Do you hate it when you’re targeted for a “special screening” and a TSA agent gets to rummage through all the personal effects in your carry on bag?  Well, as Sam Cooke used to say, a change is gonna come!

TSA going through bagMost people agree: at the top of the list of “things that piss off air travelers” is the hassle of a bunch of TSA agents having free rein to go through their bags at security checkpoints. However, a new bag-scanning system from Qylur could make the bag search a thing of the past.

The Qylatron Entry Experience Solution is a contraption consisting of 5 microwave-sized pods. The traveller approaches the machine, holds their ticket up to a door for scanning, then stuffs their carry-on into the pod. The system then utilizes a combination of X-rays, chemical sensors, and machine AI to search for contraband. If the bag is clean, the traveller picks it up from the other side of the machine and goes on their way.  If the system finds something that shouldn’t be there, it locks the passenger out and alerts a human agent.  Oh, and it’s quick too, as the Qylatron can accommodate up to 600 passengers an hour and needs just 4 humans to operate.

The Qylatron is already in use at Disneyland Paris and was used during last years World Cup in Brazil. The San Francisco 49ers are also giving it a test spin for the facility’s daily group tours at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. If all goes well with the initial test, the team plans to use it for screening VIP guests and eventually regular fans.

According to company CEO Lisa Dolev, “We expect several more rollouts in 2016 across stadiums, amusement parks and other large public venues.” Since the TSA began an 18-month trial in October to potentially use the Qylatron in airports around the country, don’t be surprised if you see it on your next journey.






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