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    John McCain is in for the fight of his life.

    Current Events
    Senator John McCain of Arizona is a known fighter.  He fought for his survival as a former Navy pilot who was captured and held as a prisoner […]

    • Whew that was tough getting signed in but I finally made it. Thanks DJ. After all these years of coming to Ok Wassup I’m finally a member.

      Anyway, I don’t care about Democrat or Republican. No matter what his politics John McCain is a real American hero. At 80 years old he has lived a great long life. I pray for him to have peace during these times I know are difficult.

  • These days, life inside the Trump family business is abysmal and at an all time low. Donald Jr. is said to be “miserable,” Donald Sr. continues to be delusional, and the FBI has cracked more details regarding the […]

  • Hey, folks, did you know it’s Made In America week at The White House?  No?  Well, don’t feel bad. Apparently, Donald Trump didn’t know it either!

    Current Events
    On Monday, Trump officially declared the next 7 […]

  • ranted, it’s probably only a matter of time before Donald Trump and his clan are brought down regarding their questionable ties to Russia and other high crimes and misdemeanors. However, are most Americans […]

  • It’s been quite a challenging week for the Trump family and Trump White House.  However, leave it to Stephen Colbert to add just one more log to the already roaring fire.


    We all kn […]

  • Is Donald Trump lying about his knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russians?  A new CNN video is calling his ‘transparency’ into question.

    In a brief public statement […]

  • Ladies and gentlemen, where there’s smoke there’s fire.  I present to you THE SMOKING GUN!

    Top News Today
    For the past year, Donald Trump, his former campaign operatives, and his sons have adamantly denied […]

  • n the mind of Donald Trump, his appearance at the recent G-20 summit (or any and everywhere, for that matter) was a colossal success.  However, an Australian television station wasn’t at all impressed and […]

  • Riddle me this: What was Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort doing meeting with Russian operatives only days after the GOP convention, and why are they just now admitting to it?

    Top News […]

  • new NRA video is causing a national raucous for its not-so-subtle attempt to promote another full-on civil war.

    Current Events
    The April recruitment video from the National Rifle Association, which was […]

  • No, NPR, Trump, and the Revolution is not the name of a new musical act involving the former backup band to the late artist, Prince.  Instead, it is a comical yet pathetic controversy involving the not-so-bright […]

  • Two rounds of a vulgar Twitter fight between Donald Trump and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski has lawmakers questioning Trump’s mental fitness for the office of the […]

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    If you’re a first time visitor, welcome! We hope you come back often as we continue to make improvements to engage our readers in vibrant discussions of the day’s […]


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  • This summer, New York City and countless cities throughout the country celebrated Gay Pride. Parade floats carrying men dressed as Cher and Beyonce’ look-alikes donned the streets of New York’s Greenwich Village, […]

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  • Current Events –
    Independence Day:
    Why We Blow Stuff Up!

    The 4th of July is frequently celebrated with outdoor barbecues, beach visits, and a day off from work. However, the summer holiday is […]

  • Current Events –
    Philando Castile:
    Where Is The NRA?

    Last week’s acquittal of the police officer who murdered Philando Castile has posed a very important and thought-provoking question: Where in t […]

  • Entertainment –
    Cabinet Meeting
    ‘Lovefest’ Lampooned

    So far, Donald Trump has accomplished ZERO legislative achievements. Still, that didn’t stop his very first cabinet meeting from turning into a […]

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